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Must Win For Kansas State

Tonight's game for Kansas State is a must win.

This is the look of someone whose job may be on the line.
This is the look of someone whose job may be on the line.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Previously on Bring on the Cats, sprotsGAT related Adele songs to K-State's conference games.

Kansas State HAS to win tonight against TCU. Win this game and you can see a path to the NIT. Lose this game and I'm not sure there is any post-season games in Kansas State's future. In order to win, the Wildcats need to find some answers, and fast. (Kellis Robinett, KC Star)

Serial late game dunker, Brannen Greene, apologized yesterday for his unnecessary dunk late in the K-State--KU game. (Matt Galloway, Capital Journal)

Finally, with the KU game coming up on Saturday, Kansas State released a hype sportsmanship video to remind fans that the best thing to do when cheering on K-State sports is to sit on your hands and politely golf clap regardless of what happens on the court/field. (Dan Lyons, Fox Sports)

Kansas State is as good as Taylor Swift. Assistant professor of music, Bryan Pinkall won a Grammy for the Best Chorale Performance. You may also recall Mr. Pinkall was the director of the 2014 Winter Olympics opening ceremony. Congratulations to you Professor Pinkall! (Jon Parton, The Collegian)