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Glenn Gronkowski and Cody Whitehair invited to NFL combine

It's doggerel Friday, the boss has decreed. Come catch up on news! There's a lot, indeed.

A lineman of stature, skill and some pounds; he's likely to go in the earlier rounds.
A lineman of stature, skill and some pounds; he's likely to go in the earlier rounds.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We all seem a little down in the dumps
But at least we're not miserably suffering from mumps
GAT's gone to Stillwater, having some fun
The boss is exhausted, don't tell anyone
This weekend is busy, as you will soon see
With two games of basketball, one on TV
And the final road indoor track meet of the year
Which will take place in Fayetteville, not far from here
So before the boss catches a well-deserved snooze
Let's all gather 'round and sort out all this news.

Yesterday was quiet as we sulked and despaired
With only one article fit to be shared
Jeff's visual box score adorned the front page
So you can check out the Baylor game and feel some more rage.

We're halfway through February already it seems
Which means time for the NFL to bolster the dreams
Of athletes who dream of professional fame
And millions of dollars for playing a game
Glenn Gronkowski has earned an invite
As has Cody Whitehair, bursting with might
To Indianapolis, and the scouting combine
From February twenty-three through twenty-nine.

The hallways are silent this Friday at dawn
With not much to report after Baylor has gone
But honor accrues to Brian Rohleder today
Academic All-District, per CoS-I-D-A.

Saturday evening at Bramlage it seems
Our ladies will battle the vilest of teams
The Sunflower Showdown will tip off at seven
KU's winless in conference. A win would be heaven!

To Arkansas travel our experts at track
And with fortune some victories they'll proudly bring back
From the Tyson Invitational; an hour before lunch
Is when the action starts. Let's win a bunch!

Sadly, we do have some bad news to report
Regarding this season's lone outdoor team sport
Our women invaded Columbia MO
But the Tigers presented a tough row to hoe
The Wildcats fell by five matches to two
But let's give Millie Stretton her well-deserved due
The freshman's unbeaten in singles this year
And has won seven straight matches, so give her a cheer.

We close with this meaningful news from Lafene
Especially for students who feel a bit green
Two cases of mumps have been reported this week
So go get vaccinated. No time to be meek.