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Kansas State Weekend Roundup: Baseball? Already?

Welcome to the year's shortest month.

Yeah, it's that time. Really.
Yeah, it's that time. Really.

Goodbye, January 2016. Trust me, you won't be missed. And as befits your station, you departed with not one new piece of actual news. Fortunately, there are some things your benevolent despot forgot to address yesterday, so this won't be a complete waste of time. Shall we?

JT breaks down who the Wildcats think they have locked up for Wednesday's signing class. That includes an update regarding the commitment of 2-star DB A.J. Parker from Bartlesville, which JT also announced separately.

Meanwhile, Gracey dug up video of Tyler Lockett and Richard Sherman flat-out trash talking one another. It's fantastic.

Over at the Capital-Journal, Ken Corbitt lauds the Wildcat defense, which mostly shut down Ole Miss star Stefan Moody.

Corbitt also offers his breakdown of K-State's recruiting class, as currently constituted. Corbitt's solemn listing of the targets on which the Wildcat staff missed is depressing.

K-State's men finished third and the women fourth at the New Mexico Team Invitational. Wildcat winners included Janee' Kassonavoid in women's hammer, Dani Winters in women's shot, Tia' Gamble in the women's 400m, A'Keyla Mitchell in the women's 200m, and the women's 4x400m relay team of Sonia Gaskin, Mitchell, Keiteyana Parks, and Gamble also grabbed gold. The Wildcat team scores were probably hurt by the absence of the combined events from the event's program, although their inclusion wouldn't have led to Wildcat Victory.

Next up is the Sevigne Husker Invitational this coming weekend in Lincoln.

The Wildcats suffered their first loss of the season on Friday, falling 5-2 to Washington State in Pullman. Freshmen Ana Garcia Navas and Millie Stretton picked up singles wins for the two points. On Saturday, also in Pullman, the Cats destroyed North Texas 6-1. Garcia Navas and Stretton won again, joined by Sara Castellano, Carolina Costamagna, and Livia Cirnu; the doubles point was earned courtesy of Costamagna/Stretton and Garcia Navas/Iva Bago.

The Cats come home with a 2-1 record, where they'll return to action Friday against Colorado (2-2).

In Division II and Division III, real live actual baseball is already underway. That seems crazy, but the smaller schools actually finish their season before the end of the spring semester, you see. In Division I, they go ahead and play into the depths of summer, so they can start later.

So it's still 19 days until opening day of the Wildcat baseball season. (Nobody tell JT, he's going to panic when he realizes he's only got two weeks between National Signing Day and baseball season.) But Friday, the team took the field for their first official practice of the... "spring". The athletic department offers a (very) brief preview of the 2016 season; we will, of course, get more in-depth in a couple of weeks.