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Bill Snyder is just now remembering Texas A&M

The wily wizard hasn’t given the Aggies much thought for a few years.

Sneaky devil, he is.
Sneaky devil, he is.
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a really slow day here, and all that we have for you is some random football news hits.

Brent Zwerneman of the Houston Chronicle reports on Bill Snyder’s research into Chocopockets.

The ESPN Big 12 blog guys discuss the hard calls they made on their Big 12 All-Conference team selections. What did we find out? All their K-State selections were consensus picks, but they don’t have their eyes on any Wildcats they expect to move up next year. (Keep in mind that except for Willis all K-State’s picks are returning.)

Blair Kerkhoff of the star briefly previews tomorrow’s NCAA Division II semifinal between Northwest Missouri State and Ferris State.

And that’s it for today, kids. Welcome to the pre-bowl lull. (Tomorrow’s slate should be busy busy busy though, as K-State starts their indoor track season and the men’s basketball team takes on Washington State.)