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Well Deserved Ranking

And Jerry Kill is officially off to Rutgers

NCAA Womens Basketball: Connecticut at Kansas State
Only 24? Not impressed.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Well the Slate will be quick and dirty today. as we are light on news in Wildcatland.

Greg Woods brought us the big news that the women’s basketball team finally earned some respect, and some votes in the AP poll, enough for a return to the Top 25 ranking for the first time since 2012. Also, the official K-State Sports release.

The Vanier Complex will be a man down, as Jerry Kill has officially accepted the offensive coordinator position as Rutgers (KAKE News). He says he is energized to return to coaching after the seven month hiatus, which included a diet change that led to the loss of 25lbs. Rutgers SBNation blog On The Banks has more on the news. Good luck, Jerry.

Finally, the latest K-State-related social media post to go viral. A 4.0* architectural engineering student has dropped out from K-State because he says college is a scam. The story is being well covered by local media, but we’ll send you to Glenn Rice at the KC Star, and Kaitlyn Alanis with the K-State Collegian for more. (*he says he’s a 4.0 student, grades will not be official until tomorrow)