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Jerry Kill reportedly headed to Rutgers

And more on the women’s beatdown of Princeton.

Well, this is certainly a surprise.
Well, this is certainly a surprise.
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Not a ton to go over today, but the big story is that according to multiple sources, Jerry Kill is leaving Kansas State to accept the offensive coordinator position at Rutgers.

Ken Corbitt reported on the matter, citing as the primary sources Ryan Dunleavy and Keith Sargeant of the Newark Star-Ledger, who are reporting the move as essentially a done deal.

It’s sort of a stunning development, given the circumstances which led to both Kill’s departure from Minnesota and his acceptance of a position at K-State. Kill, who will end up having spent only seven months at Vanier, would become the eighth man to hold the offensive coordinator position at Rutgers in eight years.

Most importantly, if the report is accurate, this means we can officially put to rest any speculation about Kill being Bill Snyder’s eventual replacement.

Men’s Basketball

Corbitt also reports that K-State is chasing respect in the wake of a highly-successful yet still underwhelming non-conference slate, which will conclude on Wednesday at Bramlage against Big South Conference opponent Gardner-Webb.

Women’s Basketball

Our own Greg Woods reported on K-State’s 60-42 win over Princeton yesterday, in a story on which none of you commented. What are you trying to do, give the guy a complex?

Also reporting: Riley Gates of the Capital-Journal and Shelton Burch of the Collegian.

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