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High Praise Continues for Jordan Willis

Plus the Big 12 conference schedule for 2017 was released.

NCAA Football: Texas at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports


Apologies for the late slate today, the Botc staff has been cooking up some great ideas for later this month that will expose one of the staff members to public humiliation and scorn so we know you’ll love it.


The biggest news to drop yesterday, was the release of the 2017 Big 12 conference football schedule. The Wildcats will face Baylor and Texas to start the season, and finish with the biggest rivalry game of the year, “Farmagedon”. (staff reports. Salina Journal)

Yesterday, Bill Snyder related a great story about former Wildcat Terrance Newman, and how Kansas State prepared him for the NFL. (Austin Clift,

With the release of the Big 12 schedule comes the annual breakdown and what it means for overall, and maybe the biggest take away was the shake up for the final week of the season, as the Big 12 tried to avoid having any rematches for the conference game the following week. (Max Olson,

Jordan Willis has received a ton of accolades over the past few weeks, and this week he may have received the highest honor, as Bill Snyder lauded Willis as “the epitome of what our program is all about”. (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle)

Practice has been pared back this week for the Wildcats as they prepare to take final exams, but that doesn’t mean they are losing any momentum. (Ken Corbitt, Capital Journal)