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K-State’s Men’s Basketball Seeks Confidence

A soft non-conference schedule has K-State playing with confidence, plus an early football enrollment.

NCAA Basketball: Washington State at Kansas State Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Yesterday, Gracey Terrill brought us the report of Jordan Willis accepting an invitation to the Senior Bowl.


Kansas State had a good football season, but failures to convert late against West Virginia and Okie Lite cost them a great season. (Jake Trotter,

For obvious reasons early enrollment to Kansas State helps high school athletes transition to the rigors of college and college football, giving that kid a higher chance of starting as a true freshman. That’s part of the logic behind Wyatt Hubert’s decision to graduate early and begin his time at Kansas State this spring. (Ken Corbitt, Capital Journal)

Men’s Basketball

Yesterday, a few commenters on this site discussed the terrible non-conference schedule Kansas State has this season, and make no mistake it’s horrific. The Wildcats currently sit on a smoking hot garbage RPI of 118, with an even more impressive 316th place ranking in strength of schedule. The goal of scheduling such a gauntlet was confidence. Let’s hope this schedule has given this team plenty of confidence, because the level of opponents play in the Big 12 is a drastic jump over the likes of Hampton, Robert Morris, and Prairie View A&M. (Ken Corbitt, Capital Journal)