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Ceterum autem censeo Cansianum esse delendam

And even though he’s been dead for 2,160 years, we’re sure Cato the Elder would agree.

Lawrence, Kansas (well, okay, it’s Carthage)
Lawrence, Kansas (well, okay, it’s Carthage)

Due to work schedules, today is actually Thanksgiving Day at BotC World Headquarters. We hope you normal people who got to celebrate yesterday had a festive and fulfilling holiday, and also that you didn’t punch any relatives in the piehole.

We’ll cut right to the chase today, because your benevolent despot has turkey and ham to eat soon.


At the Star, it’s KU beat writer Jesse Newell with tomorrow’s three-minute preview.

Meanwhile, at the Capital-Journal, Ken Corbitt opines on the likely number two hundred, and an uncredited piece breaks down the units for each team.

Benton Smith at the Lawrence Journal-World writes about Dorance Armstrong and Jordan Willis sharing the field, calling them the league’s two best defensive ends.

Lastly, today’s Sports Extra from Corbin McGuire focuses on Dante Barnett and Charmeachealle Moore’s unbreakable bond.

Men’s Basketball

K-State takes on Boston College tonight in Brooklyn, and Ken Corbitt’s got you covered there, too. Our sister site BC Interruption also offers their take on the Wildcats.

Another of our friends, Syracuse blog Troy Nunes Is an Absolute Magician, also has a story of interest to us today... because Syracuse is playing South Carolina, and Jim Boeheim and Frank Martin reminisced about their last meeting.

You remember. The game where Fab Melo and Jamar Samuels sat on the bench. That one.

Women’s Basketball

Our hoops guys were busy Thanksgivinging, so we weren’t able to provide coverage of K-State’s 67-50 win over North Carolina State (4-1) at the Paradise Jam last night. The Star did, though (uncredited). Four Wildcats reached double figures, Kindred Wesemann leading the way with 17. The Wildcats improve to 4-0, and they’ll be back on the court at noon today to face 4-1 LSU, who picked up a 78-45 win over UTEP last night.