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Kansas State basketball teams both improve to 3-0

It’s a pretty slow Monday, all things considered.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

We really don’t have that much to share with you today that didn’t come from our own staff. BotC Rookie of the Year Greg Woods provides you with recaps of the womens’ win over Lamar and the mens’ defeat of Hampton.

Gracey’s also got this week’s Fan of the Week contest up, so you know, do your thing.

Kellis Robinett also reported on the mens’ win, and offers three thoughts in the aftermath of K-State’s big win over Baylor.

Finally, an interesting article by Brad Wolverton in the Chronicle of Higher Education on the myth of the athletic scholarship. There’s a lot of good stuff in here, but I do want to take a moment to correct some misrepresentation therein. Wolverton discusses, as an example, the fact that a women’s swim team has the equivalent of 14 full scholarships to spread across as many as 30 swimmers.

That’s factually correct, but it’s painted in a way which implies something which isn’t. It’s not true that a women’s swim team which gives out the full 14 scholarships is giving full rides to a few and nothing at all to many. At most schools, the same percentage of swimmers are walk-ons as are football players. It’s just that in FBS football, everyone who isn’t a walk-on gets a full ride, while most of the swimmers are only getting halfsies.

And, of course, at FCS schools the two teams are treated almost identically.

Still, it’s a very good article, which is nothing out of the ordinary for Wolverton. Unfortunately, it’s also the last article Wolverton is writing for the Chronicle, as he’s moving on to other pastures. That’s a shame, because Brad’s done a really excellent job covering the business of college athletics from the academic perspective over the last decade.

So what are you all up to this fine, chilly Monday? And what are your plans for the holiday week? Spill, commentariat!