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Rehashing football news, plus weekend women’s action

Your intrepid staff already covered the real news yesterday.

K-State has a chance to capture the New York market. In 15 years.
K-State has a chance to capture the New York market. In 15 years.
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The big football news for today was passed along yesterday by KSUEMAW!, namely K-State announcing a whopping six non-conference games which will occur over the next 15 years. By the time K-State finally gets around to playing Rutgers, about 23 of you will be receiving junk mail offering you AARP memberships, and the rest of you will have children in high school. Dwell on that.

In other #content here at the bestest site on the internet, Luke and Derek talked with our old pal Seth Jungman about tomorrow’s Texas Tech tilt on Bring on the Podcast, the staff suddenly realized the Big 12 is 20 years old and had a roundtable to discuss it, Derek examined K-State’s history with Texas Tech, and of course TB Kicked the Tires as per usual.

Which leaves us with basically zero football news to report, other than to pass along Kellis Robinett’s three-minute preview.

But there is other stuff happening!

You’re going to want to get an early start of you’re going to the game tomorrow, as Bramlage will be open from 2-4. Why? So you can watch both the women (2-3) and men (3:15-4) run open scrimmages.

The soccer team will be at Texas tonight, in a game which airs at 7pm on The Longhorn Network. You know, if you get that illustrious media delivery service. The soccer team also had some fantastic news yesterday, courtesy of John Currie’s newsletter: the team’s average home attendance this year ranked fourth... in the entire nation. Now, granted, there were only a sparse handful of home dates, but still — K-State’s average attendance was over 500 people greater than the previous single-game attendance record at that school down the river.

Since we’re so late today, the doubles matches are already pretty much under the bridge, but K-State’s tennis team is at SMU this weekend for the SMU Invite. (We absolutely want to bring your attention to this, since we’re pretty sure our biggest fan in the entire athletic department is Iva Bago.)

Looking ahead: Gracey will be attending the Raymore-Peculiar game tonight to get a look at Wildcat commit DE Anthony Payne. Expect snapchat action, and probably some video. So be on the lookout for that. Also, at some point your benevolent despot will cough up the CFB television schedule for at least Saturday, if not tonight as well, and PB may have an injury report for you.

A real one. With actual injuries.

Other than our offense.

Happy Friday!