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Beat Texas? Get Texas Commit.

Also, maybe get Charlie Strong fired.

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If Bill’s sticking around and Tom Hayes is still trying to retire...
If Bill’s sticking around and Tom Hayes is still trying to retire...
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few things today, all but one of ‘em football, and we’ll just plow through them before letting y’all get on with your usual Monday morning non-sequitors.

The non-football item: KenPom released his preseason rankings, and we broke them down for you.

K-State picked up a commit Sunday in the form of Giddings High wideout/quarterback Chabastin Taylor. Taylor doesn’t currently have a rank anywhere, but Scout’s Gabe Brooks seems to like him a little bit. Why no ranking? Well, Giddings is a town of about 5,000 in the middle of nowhere between Austin and Houston, so he’s probably been under the radar. Still, he also got offers from Louisiana Tech, Louisiana-Lafayette, and North Texas, so someone was paying attention.

The Dallas Morning News curated some reactions to the K-State win on Saturday, and none of it looks good for Charlie Strong. Several folks seem to think he just lost his job, even if he’ll keep it until December.

Iowa State is Saturday, which means Randy Peterson of the Non-Existent City Register drops his annual paean to the excellence of one William Snyder.

(Also, the Cats open as a six-point favorite on the road.)

That’s it. Open thread from the jump today, kids. It’s that kinda Monday.