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What Texas thinks about Kansas State

Well, Texas writers, anyway.

We want to see this happen a few times tomorrow.
We want to see this happen a few times tomorrow.
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Quick and dirty today because we’re not operating under optimal conditions.


Derek explained why We Own Texas, JT reported on the next phase of work at the Bill, and your benevolent despot discovered that somehow, someway, K-State got votes in the preseason coaches poll. Basketball. Men. No, really. Also, Jon answered questions for Wescott Eberts over at Burnt Orange Nation.


Kellis Robinett says the Cats are still trying to figure out the offense, and offers his three-minute preview. Kevin Haskin does one of his usual looks back to the past, and that’s about it for the locals. So if you don’t care what the folks south of the Red River have to say about tomorrow’s game, you can just skip down to the next heading.

There’s a whole slew of #content from The Daily Texan. Noah Brooks does a standard by-the-numbers piece, Shane Lewis does the “Texas wins if/Texas loses if” deal, and Trenton Daeschner outlines who needs to perform well for Texas while Steve Helwick introduces Longhorn fans to K-State’s players to watch.


The first season is now over, as the Wildcats lost yet another 2-0 decision to close 2016 out at 4-9-3. The culprit this time was Illinois State (10-5-2), who is undefeated in the Missouri Valley so at least it’s a good loss.

And in Other News...

Speaking of the Missouri Valley, Wichita State appears to have made its friends mad. Specifically, Southern Illinois athletic director Tommy Bell appears to have some snide words for the Shockers’ desire to move up in the world.