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West Virginia GameDay

Kansas State begins its Big 12 campaign on the road in Morgantown

NCAA Football: Missouri at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports


Here’s a very belated look at the Big 12 last week, jointly sponsored by yours truly and pathological laziness.

Also, here’s this week’s crowdsourced Bring on the Cats Top 25 poll. BracketCat works really hard to put this poll together, even if his poll voters are not quite so diligent.

Finally, last but definitely not least, in his September College Football Review, Jon Morse takes a global look at the Big Ten and SEC and comes to the conclusion that the SEC is still tops, but the margin is pretty thin.


So it begins. Kansas State kicks off the Big 12 season on the road today. This is the fifth consecutive season that the Wildcats have played an away game to open the conference slate, which makes you wonder if Bill Snyder has upset the scheduling gods somehow.

At any rate, a trip to Morgantown is never an easy thing, even if Kansas State hasn’t lost at EpiPen Milan-Puskar Stadium so far. Ever. This is not lost on West Virginia (John Raby, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette).

But this year feels different. West Virginia is a perfect 3-0 against a strong non-conference schedule. The ‘Eers don’t lack for confidence.

Dante Barnett agrees West Virginia is much better than a season ago, and he wants the Kansas State defense to avoid complacency (

Unfortunately, this is one of those games that pits West Virginia’s defensive weaknesses against Kansas State’s offensive strengths. That might suggest a Wildcat victory, but equally, this game also pits Kansas State’s defensive weaknesses against West Virginia’s offensive strengths. What does that mean? Well, special teams may well be the turning point of this game (Kellis Robinett, Kansas City Star).

From a statistical perspective, Kansas State might be slightly favored. TB takes a closer look at the S&P+ numbers in Kicking the Tires.

The game kicks off at 2:30 PM CDT, and will air on ESPNU. Here, have all the details in AMS’s HOW TO WATCH post.

Consider this your open thread for the early state of games this morning. Remember, for all your football watching schedule needs, go HERE.

Happy footbaw, y’all!


Kansas State notched its second straight win, a 2-0 decision over UMKC in Manhattan last night. In front of an announced crowd of 2,308 people, the Wildcats took control of their last home game of the season early in the second half with a quick goal from sophomore Tatum Wagner. Freshman midfielder Ashley Zane scored the game’s other goal (and her first career goal) on a pass from Laramie Hall. That was enough to put the game out of reach for UMKC, who only managed three shots on goal in the second half. Goalie Miranda Larkin had five saves and posted her second straight shutout (and fifth overall) of the season.

The team also honored lone senior Abbey Fiser at the game, and were happy to send her off with a victory.


The VolleyCats are getting ready to take on the #4-ranked Texas Longhorns in Manhattan tonight. The game starts at 7 PM and will be available to stream on ESPN3, and broadcast on 1350 KMAN.

Texas is 3-0 in the Big 12, while the Wildcats are 1-1 with an opening win over Iowa State and a loss to Baylor. The two teams feature the conference’s assist leaders in Katie Brand (11.64/set) and Texas’ Chloe Collins (11.65/set). Texas and Kansas State also lead the league in kills per set (14.43 for Texas and 14.15 for Kansas State).

A sobering thought: Texas has won the last 25 meetings between the teams and Susie Fritz is 3-27 all-time against the Longhorns.


The editors and staff at BotC take this opportunity to wish our own PurpleBrunette a very happy birthday! May you enjoy a Wildcat victory!