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Monday Comedown Open Thread

No news is, well, no news.

Eight more months before we get to see this again.
Eight more months before we get to see this again.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

This has literally never happened before in my recollection. Perhaps everyone who might possibly have words to write about K-State is either comatose or blacked out. Perhaps a Sunday in between semesters which also involved a travel day for a demoralized football squad simply results in nothing at all to report. Perhaps the end of a depressing and disappointing season doesn't offer national writers any fodder to discuss what's going on.

Whatever the cause... there is absolutely nothing to share with you today, other than to note that Jeff posted the Visual Box Score for the West Virginia game yesterday, so you should go check that out if you missed it.

Meanwhile, since there's no new business to discuss, today we'll just have a Wild West open thread. The usual noon off-topic discouragement is turned off for the day, although the usual restrictions on SPIDERS remain in force.

For my part, with the exception of the game thread for Texas tomorrow night, I am basically taking the week off until Friday's Slate and leaving things in the hands of our intrepid staff. Try not to break them.