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Kansas State Basketball Results: Better Than You Think

Your benevolent despot had a stunning realization last night.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

While we're all tearing at our shirts and bemoaning the disastrous state of K-State football recruiting, let's take a moment to realize that we've been beating up on the other major Wildcat team for the wrong reasons. Did you realize that against teams currently ranked outside the top 20 (prior to today's poll releases, anyway), K-State is 13-1? The only loss outside last week's top 20 was at Texas.

So as we head into the most brutal portion of the schedule, rather than grousing about your disappointment in the basketball squad, instead give thanks. A freshman-heavy team is sitting right on that knife-edge between "really good" and "just not quite there". Heck of a lot more than we had any right to expect in October.

The Wildcats picked up a decent non-conference win yesterday, downing Ole Miss 69-64. Jeff has the visual box score ready for your perusal.

Gracey reported on the Tre Jackson commitment to Tulane, which has been the subject of some strange reporting. We'll try and sort all that out later.

We've got recaps from Kellis Robinett at the Star and Michael Borkey at our sister site Red Cup Rebellion, and a piece from the Star's Blair Kerkhoff on whether the Big 12/SEC Challenge was a success or not.

The women weren't as fortunate last night, as their winning streak came to an end with a 66-51 loss to the sixth-ranked Longhorns at Bramlage. (Ken Corbitt, Capital-Journal)