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DeLoss Dodds Invitational and Changes at BotC

The track team takes over top billing today as we wait for the Cowboys to invade tomorrow.

Welcome back, our hero.
Welcome back, our hero.
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The pages turn, time moves along its course, and change happens. Sometimes slowly, inexorably, and we can see it happen; others times in a lightning flash that knocks you out of its shoes.

We regret to announce that our friend Curtis Kitchen has chosen to step off our crazy moving sidewalk here and take his leave of Bring on the Cats as a contributor. We appreciate Curtis's energy, insight, and assistance over the last two and a half years, and wish him the best.

However, where there is a vacuum, something usually fills the void. And on that note, please welcome the newest member of the BotC team, Gracey Terrill. Many of you know her under her notorious handle @SprotsGAT, and from her leadership of the crew at Sprots Takes (where she'll still be running the ship as well). Gracey will take over Curtis's off-site roles in order to keep your benevolent despot tethered to some semblance of sanity, and will also contribute to the site itself in multiple ways as time slowly, inexorably, advances further.

Yes, we're leading off with track this morning because the DeLoss Dodds Invitational has already begun with the preliminary events in the women's pentathlon and men's heptahtlon. The bulk of the action will be tomorrow. This is a Big Deal event, with numerous professional international competitors taking part, as well as collegians from North Texas, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma Baptist, and Tulsa; UCLA is also sending some athletes just to compete in the combined events. There are eleven potential Olympians competing this weekend -- and that's just current and former Wildcats, including the return of silver medalist Erik Kynard to Ahearn.

The schedule is here, and Kelly McHugh-Stewart presents a video interview with Sara Savatovic interrogating Akela Jones in Sports Extra.

Ken Corbitt at the Capital-Journal observes that K-State definitely improved their offense against the zone on Wednesday, but it still wasn't quite enough.

Oklahoma State's official pre-game fact sheet for tomorrow's game.