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No More Goose Eggs

The K-State basketball women join the men in finally notching a mark in the Win column

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Thursday, Wildcats. Unfortunately, I don't think any of us won last night's jackpot, so we'll just have to get back to work.

Eric got his recap up mid-morning from the men's basketball victory Tuesday night. JeffP followed with his Visual Box Score (can't be many other blogs that bring this level of stats reporting).

And in resonating news, the Big 12 succeeded in getting its terrible idea legislation passed through that removes restrictions on conferences with less than 12 members from playing a championship game.

As the men did Tuesday night, so the women did Wednesday, finally posting a win in Big 12 play. The Lady Cats held Oklahoma State to only 5 points in the 4th quarter, and scoreless for nearly 6 minutes to end the game, while posting 13 to come back from a 3rd quarter deficit. The Cats improved to 11-5 (1-4) with the victory, and will look to hang on to that momentum as the take on TCU at Bramlage Saturday afternoon following the men's contest with Iowa State.