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Jesse Ertz: Out Indefinitely

On Monday, Bill Snyder didn't confirm the extent of Ertz's injury, but did say he expected him to miss a significant amount of time.

Jesse Ertz, We hardly knew you.
Jesse Ertz, We hardly knew you.
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Joe Hubener was called upon much earlier in the season than expected due to Jesse Ertz knee injury, but Hubener was ready none-the-less. And while Derek Smith isn't saying "I told you so", Joe Hubener totally looks the part of a starting QB.

Panjandrum then compares Joe Hubener to a former K-State QB, and the comparison may surprise you.

Lastly, JT continues reporting on the best marching band in all the land, this time reporting the "K-State administration silences band director Frank Traz".

Reports from both the Capital Journal, and the KC Star indicate that Jesse Ertz will miss extended time and most likely the year following an injury to his knee in the opening game.

Kansas State heads south to San Antonio to take on UTSA and UTSA head coach Larry Coker likes where his players attitudes are leading into the game this Saturday.

On the opposite sideline, Bill Snyder has expressed his admiration for UTSA quarterback Blake Bogenschutz, especially his poise saying it's easy to see in the young man.

Lastly, K-State's season is on the line following an injury to Jesse Ertz, Suzanne Halliburton of the Austin American Statesman believes. That appears (to me at least) to be a strong over-reaction as Joe Hubener played very well in the opener, and with more time in the number one spot, I would expect him to become eve more comfortable as the number one QB.