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Let's Get This Party Started!

It's almost time for Kansas State Football as tomorrow brings the first contest of the 2015 season for the Wildcats.

The Bill will be rocking tomorrow night!
The Bill will be rocking tomorrow night!
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Tons of content yesterday as K-State football starts tomorrow. First, we had BracketCat previewing number two Darreyl Patterson. He followed that up by giving up a preview of number one Darrell Reese Jr.

Wildcat00 then gave you a preview of what to expect from our linebacking corp this season, while JT previewed the offensive line.

We also previewed the winner of the QB derby, and examine what to expect from Jessie Ertz. TB then expounded upon that by making sure we have reasonable expectations for Mr. Ertz.

A busy man BracketCat was yesterday, as he and Luke Thompson sat down with Ian Boyd for your weekly Bring on the Podcast feature.

Finally, your benevolent despot, Jon Morse, took you through preseason conditioning one last time.

Kellis Robinett has video of his interview with Dominique Heath and what it will take to replace Tyler Lockett.

Robinett also has a preview of tomorrows match-up against South Dakota.

Ken Corbitt previews the upcoming season as well, and notes that K-state is ready for a new journey.

Kevin Haskin notes that Kansas State will need some stars to emerge as the Wildcats lack a prove go-to player.

Finally, there's no fancy header for this one, as K-State has announced the campus has reopened following a search for gunman.