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It's game day for at least a few places in FBS country, and Kansas State's opener is just around the corner

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BracketCat's 2015 roster countdown is quickly drawing to a close. He rounds up the last few stragglers with a triple header: #3 running back Dalvin Warmack, #3 kicker Jack Cantele, and #2 wide receiver Andre Davis.

By now, Jon Morse's preseason conditioning program should have you in game shape. In the latest installment, Jon summarizes the staff's picks for Week 13, and reviews the NAIA and Division III preseason polls.

Jesse Ertz is the starter for at least the opening game against South Dakota, and there's a good chance he'll be looking to get the ball to Dominique Heath, Bill Snyder's not-so-secret weapon (Derek Smith, Junction City Daily Union). The wide receiver and return specialist has the unenviable (and impossible) task of replacing Tyler Lockett. Heath, however, is up to the challenge and has already demonstrated some of Lockett's big play abilities (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle).

It's the time of year when everyone has predictions for the Big 12 conference. including Brian Harper of His prediction for Kansas State: solid but not special. That sounds about right.

Andrew Hammond of the K-State Collegian has a different view. The schedule sets up poorly and six wins might be a struggle.

His colleague thinks Kansas State will be just fine, thanks to the best coach ever walking the sidelines (Chris Robinson, Collegian).

There's real live FBS football being played today. Keep THIS bookmarked for all your future college football viewing needs. Not that you need a schedule for tonight, because you're all going to tune in to ESPN at 8 PM CDT for the only game that matters, right? Go Gophers! SKI-U-MAH!!