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Bye week speculation

Questions abound even as the Wildcats are idle this weekend.

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ICYMI: TB wrote this fantastic analysis piece on Kansas State's offensive schemes over the years, and it's well worth a read (or a re-read, for that matter): Is there a "Snyder offense?"

On a less significant note, we take a look at all the happenings in the conference in the Week 2 Big 12 Roundup. Better late than never, yes?

After the offensive debacle against Louisiana Tech, Bill Snyder had some choice things to say about the playcalling:

We have to do a better job of getting into things that our guys can execute against what opponents do to you.

Reading between the lines, this is probably a reference to the lack of red zone execution, especially out of the wildcat formation. In his Kansas City Star mailbag column, Kellis Robinett agrees and thinks the run-only wildcat play may be dead. He also thinks we'll see more creativity on offense during Big 12 play, but that Snyder will never demote or fire any of his assistants. Also, bonus points to Kellis for an unexpectedly strong swipe at Kansas at the end of the column.

Oh, and speaking of Kansas, the Jayhawks take on Rutgers in a game between two of the worst FBS teams in the country. The game is getting a lot of attention, but not for the right reasons, proving that sometimes no press is better than bad press (Matt Tait, KU Sports).

There is also a school of thought that making fun of these two hapless programs is wrong, as it demeans the efforts of all the hardworking student-athletes who still show up week-after-week. I'm not sure it does. Nobody is criticizing the players. But well-compensated coaches and the athletic departments that employ them are fair game, at least in my opinion.

Jack Cantele is still in the news because his redemption story really resonates with everyone involved in the sport of college football. I believe we've already linked to Tate Steinlage's Associated Press story, but it bears relinking.

The tennis team is in Norman this weekend for the OU Invite. The team went 4-4 in singles and 2-6 in doubles yesterday, with play continuing today. Highlights include Iva Bago winning her singles match in straight sets to move on to the quarterfinals in her part of the draw, and teammate Sara Castellano winning a tough three-setter to also move on to the quarterfinals in a different draw.