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Are we ready for the Big 12 season?

Bye weeks are for rest and random speculation.

Sometimes the good guys finish first
Sometimes the good guys finish first
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Luke Thompson chats with Tim Everson of the K-State Collegian in the latest edition of Bring on the Podcast.

Jon Morse and I don't always agree, but we concur on at least this one thing: College football polls are completely useless.

Finally, in response to a theme (meme?) that often comes up in discussions on K-State football, TB asks the important question: Is there a "Bill Snyder offense"? If you read nothing else today, read this. It might be the best piece TB has written here.


Stanton Weber is a semifinalist for the William V Campbell Trophy, awarded to the nation's top scholar-athlete. A two-time first team Academic All-Big 12 honoree, Weber has a perfect 4.0 GPA and is one of five Big 12 players to make the semifinals. Previous Kansas State nominees include 2014 finalist Tyler Lockett and Tysyn Hartman, a finalist in 2011.

There's been some idle chatter here on the offensive debacle against Louisiana Tech and whether Joe Hubener was impaired by the staff's desire to protect him and avoid any more attrition at quarterback. Well, Hubener is having none of it. He intends to keep running hard if that's what is needed for the team (Kellis Robinett, Kansas City Star).

The Topeka Capital-Journal's CatZone podcast wonders if the Wildcats are ready for Big 12 play after a performance in the last game. More importantly, they ponder the virtues of Keystone Light (Ken Corbitt, Tim Bisel).


The VolleyCats will look to turn the tide this weekend and start home Big 12 play with a win. They take on the Baylor Bears tomorrow in Ahearn Fieldhouse at 7 PM. This is Kansas State's first home game in three weeks.