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A QB decision is made, but not revealed

What? You thought Bill Snyder was going to announce this before kickoff? HAHA YOU SILLY.

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It seems only appropriate as we get THIS close to kickoff that BracketCat's countdown features a couple of players we expect to hear more of this season: #4 redshirt freshman wide receiver Dominique Heath and #5 true freshman quarterback Alex Delton.

Speaking of Heath, he features prominently in WaggsCat's break down of the 2015 receiving corps in the latest edition of the Kansas State Position Preview.

As always, Jon Morse gets you in shape for the season. This time, he mocks Luke Thompson for his Week 11 picks and previews the Colonial Athletic Association (yes, that one with all the basketball schools).


Bill Snyder announced a depth chart of sorts yesterday, naming starters at key positions. Charles Jones, Dalton Risner, Deante Burton and Kody Cook all got nods from Snyder. Interestingly, although he indicated a decision had been reached, Snyder did not reveal his choice (Kellis Robinett, Wichita Eagle (via Salina Journal)).

All signs point to Jesse Ertz as the starter, at least for the first game (Timothy Everson, K-State Collegian).  FOXSports picked up the Collegian story and ran with it, so the world will be shocked when Joe Hubener takes his spot under center, I bet.

That was the fun stuff. Now here's the stupid stuff. In what I can only describe as a gross overreaction to events during basketball season, Kansas State students are being asked to sign a pledge before getting their football season tickets. Fans have to promise to "refrain from using profanity and inappropriate chants" while also showing appropriate respect to officials, students, players, staff, etc.  Have we really sunk this low? (Robinett, Eagle).


There are football hype videos, and then there is this: Rutgers football players had a dance off to win ice cream at the end of camp. I don't know if this is stupid or awesome. It's probably both.