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K-State is Pretty Good at Defying Pre-Season Polls

Saturday's slate features heart breaking news and some football.

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I don't usually write a ton of intro's when I take care of the slate. Mostly because I'm not the greatest writer so I try to get you to the links of those who are, and leave the intro pieces to writers like Jon or wildcat00. Today is an exception.

Yesterday evening we were informed that colleague Andy Zimmerman, a writer for Hammer & Rails, committed suicide. Andy, like most of us writer's/editor's here at BotC, responded to a recruiting post from Hammer & Rails head guy Travis Miller. Since that time Andy wrote 49 stories for the Purdue blog, stayed in regular contact with the writer's via text and e-mail, and no one saw this coming. Most of the time no one sees this coming. Our thoughts are with Andy Zimmerman's family, as well as his family at Hammer and Rails, as they try to pick up the pieces of their lives following this tragedy.

Here is the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255. Put it in your phone. If you need it, use it. If you don't need it, you may save someone else's life by having it there. And if you only read one article from today's slate make it Andy Zimmerman's Profile in Badassery.

With only 28(!!) days left until kickoff, BracketCat soldiered on, previewing number 29 Sean Newlan.

In our preseason conditioning, Jon Morse used his considerable despotic powers to look a decade into the future and answer the pressing question "Will Kansas State have alternate uniforms?".

Former Wildcat QB Sammuel Lamur signed with Tampa Bay, and will switch positions to linebacker. You may recall that his brother, Emmanuel Lamur, plays that same position for the Cincinnati Bengals.

In other former Wildcat news, Tyler Lockett continues his high level of play at Seahawks training camp, even playing so well as to draw praise from fellow receiver Doug Baldwin for his collegiate coach Andre Coleman.

Finally, BracketCat and I teamed up to examine Kansas State's newest defensive line commitment, Jordon Robertson. Robertson is a three-star DE/DT from Dallas, TX.

Former Bring on the Cats writer, and good friend Derek Smith drops into your slate today with his look at Kansas State's upcoming season. And while he understand the pessimism surrounding this season, Derek has faith in a guy named Bill Snyder and expects him to continue working his magic.

Jake Trotter has your weekend Big 12 mailbag where he examines coaching hot seats, and rivalry week.