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Fines in college football

Are they penalties or just part of the cost of attendance?

Bill Snyder will never fine his family. That is all.
Bill Snyder will never fine his family. That is all.
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We are less than a week from K-State football. Can you feel the excitement. BracketCat can, and here he is, with #7 defensive back Hunter Knoblauch.

Jon Morse's preseason conditioning is reaching peak fitness as he breaks down the staff's picks for Week 8 and calls on all the good people of this world to shame the staffers who picked Texas to beat Kansas State. He also previews the Mid-Eastern conference.

Finally, Derek Smith makes a case for "Bazooka" Joe Hubener as QB1.

In a week when college coaches recommend treating student-athletes like paid professionals by withholding funds to keep the players accountable (Joe Schad, ESPN), Bill Snyder wrote a letter to Kansas State faculty making it clear he thinks education trumps football (Kansas State University Communications).

We truly support the concept that our institution is and should be about educating young men and women and providing them with the foundation for becoming successful in all facets of their lives.

The view that players ought to be fined or otherwise penalized in a monetary/tangible way is neither a new concept nor an unpopular one (Ralph Russo, Associated Press), but as Spencer Hall notes, this is the last thing the powers that run college football really want.

And now for something completely different: Is Google trying to erase college history and rewrite it in Nebraska's favor? Maybe. We're just like Ryan Nanni and the mothership in that we LOVE conspiracy theories. But apparently, all the ado is about Google not having license rights to display certain logos via its search function.

The volleyball team is off to a great start. For the fourth consecutive season, the Wildcats opened the season with a win, this time a 3-0 sweep of Florida A&M in Coral Gables for the Hurricane Invitational. Never hitting lower than .300 for the match, the team maintained a consistently high level of play through the contest. Brooke Sassin led the team with 10 kills and a 0.529 hit percentage and Bryanna Vogel had seven kills to go with her 0.357 hit rate. The team plays a doubleheader today. The first match against Illinois State is already in progress, and the second match against Miami is tonight at 6:30 PM CDT.