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Meet the new uniforms!

That's right. Kansas State has made a change to the football uniforms.

Morgan Burns, please to be in all the things with that face of yours.
Morgan Burns, please to be in all the things with that face of yours.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports


We put up a lot of content yesterday, so one could be forgiven for having missed some of it. Maybe.

First up, as always, BracketCat counts down the days to kickoff, and we're barely more than a week away from Kansas State FOOTBAW. To celebrate, read about #9 punter Mitch Lochbihler and #8 redshirt junior "Bazooka" Joe Hubener, 25% of this year's quarterback battle.

Second, Jon Morse keeps us going with another episode of 2015 preseason conditioning. This time, Jon mocks at least half the staff for their Week 7 picks and previews the Missouri Valley Conference.

Then KSUEMAW! continues our 2015 position previews feature with a closer look at the quarterback race. This installment breaks down the longshots, Jonathan Banks and Alex Delton.

Last, but definitely not least, Luke Thompson takes a peek at our cousins down the Kaw with this 2015 early opponent preview of Kansas football.


This is possibly the biggest news in Kansas State football in a long time! We're getting new uniforms. But temper your unbridled enthusiasm for a few seconds. It's just a new type of jersey.  The Wildcats will be wearing the new Nike Elite 51 jersey, also used by many NFL teams. The only notable difference is the Nike collar band.

In more predictable news, Glenn "Goose" Gronkowski is making a name for himself, and not just on the field or in the classroom (Ryan McGee, ESPN).

The defense promises to be a strength for the Wildcats this year, thanks to a great defensive line, especially with Will Geary and Travis Britz contributing on the interior (Tony Adame, Wichita Eagle).

The defense will also get a boost from what may well be one of the best secondaries in school history. For his part, Morgan Burns is ready for his time in the spotlight (Kelly McHugh-Stewart, K-State Sports Extra).

Ian Boyd takes a closer look at the Kansas State offense with his usual excellence and thoroughness.

The Collegian's feature on this year's Ring of Honor inductees continues with a profile of Darren Sproles (Andrew Hammon, K-State Collegian).

Now for something a bit different. Yesterday, pictures posted to Twitter from a Virginia Tech practice facility showed monitors indicating fines levied against football players for a variety of different reasons: missing team breakfast, being late to study sessions, committing a personal foul, etc. Defensive coordinator Bud Foster had already opened this can of worms when he suggested players might be fined as a way of imposing discipline (Mike Barber, Richmond Times-Dispatch).

Now it's not clear these fines were ever actually levied or enforced, and it's also not clear if this was just Foster acting on his own initiative. The school's athletic director, Whit Babcock, the only person to make an official statement on the issue, said the practice had been "100% discontinued" and that none of the fines were assessed out of funds disbursed to athletes as a cost-of-attendance stipend.

However, some associated with college football feel that the COA stipend is cash given in exchange for participation and therefore fines are perfectly justifiable. Cincinnati head coach Tommy Tuberville certainly thinks so, and the school is not backing down from the assertion. This may even be kosher if Cincinnati has all the right paperwork in place (Jon Solomon, CBS Sports).

Two questions come immediately to mind. First, is this the wave of the future? Second, does this not create the exact employer-employee relationship the NCAA and the NLRB were so concerned about? My personal view is that we're only one step removed from treating college football players like minor league professionals. We might as well stop the charade now. Brutal honesty is better than burying our heads in the sand and pretending we care about anything but wins and losses at this point.


Jon Johnston, the editor of Corn Nation, SB Nation's Nebraska Cornhuskers blog, suffered a massive heart attack a week ago. He is on the mend, but taking a leave of absence from the blog. Please keep Jon and his family in your thoughts. We take this opportunity to wish Jon a full and speedy recovery.