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Kansas State's Breakout Player? Dominique Heath.

Dominique Heath is poised to be a breakout player, even though Kansas State will be focused more on the run this season. K-State rowing also, prepares for their fall races.

Can Dominique Heath replace Curry Sexton?
Can Dominique Heath replace Curry Sexton?
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Stories! Stories everywhere! With only 10 days left before the start of the season Bring on the Cats stepped up for you, our intrepid reader. It began with Curtis Kitchen descending into the belly of the K-State football beast.

Then the we got the band back together, as Derek Smith joined Luke Thompson on Bring on the Podcast to talk Kansas State football.

We are now 11 days until kickoff, and yesterday Bracket Cat previewed Number 12, Stanton Weber.

If you are curious as to which teams will win each week, as picked by the BOTC Staff, you must read Jon Morse's pre-season conditioning, and while you're there you can read all about the Southland, and Southern conference previews.

Dominique Heath finds his name on Max Olson's breakout player list. Heath flashed speed in the return game during the spring game, and is poised for a big season.

Andrew Hammond, of K-state's Collegian, explains how he can fix the Big 12.

Dave Skretta of the AP, explains how Kansas State will return to its running roots after losing star QB, Jake Waters, and top WR, Tyler Lockett, to graduation.

Kansas State football isn't the only team gearing up for the 2015 season, as the women's rowing team has been hard at work preparing for their two fall race.