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Kansas State's best play? The 'Pop Pass'.

Mike Stoops still hates the Pop Pass, Trent Tanking is pushing for playing time, and men's basketball news.

Glen Gronkowski has been an integral part of Kansas States "Pop-Pass".
Glen Gronkowski has been an integral part of Kansas States "Pop-Pass".
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

We are officially under 20 days until football starts, and BracketCat brings you number 19 in the countdown: Kody Cook.

In the latest preseason conditioning, Jon Morse brings us the final Top 5: Special Team. If you have any questions for our benevolent leader, or anything you'd like to know more about, put those questions in the comments, and maybe your question will be the theme of a preseason conditioning.

Finally, the NLRB ruled that Northwestern could NOT unionize. Jon writes about the huge bullet the NCAA dodged.

Kansas State, among others, has made a living with the "pop pass" in recent years, and last year against Oklahoma was no different. What was different was the complaining Mike Stoops did following the play, saying it was illegal for the lineman to be that far down field and that it was taking away from real football. Well Mike Stoops had a bad day yesterday as the 'Pop Pass' isn't going away anytime soon, according to Ryan Aber at the Oklahoman.

Last season, Jonathan Truman led Kansas State in tackles and finished as a second team All-Big 12. That was after walking-on, and spending a season as a redshirt before finally earning a scholarship. This season, linebacker Trent Tanking is following that familiar path, earning a scholarship this past week, and hoping to make an impact at the linebacker position this fall.

No new commits during this weeks, Big 12 recruiting round-up, however, RB Z'Quan Hogan is generating some press and it appears Kansas State is close to offering Mr. Hogan a scholarship.

Tarvaris Jackson went down with a sprained ankle during last Friday's preseason game against the Broncos. As a result, the Seahawks are expected to add former Wildcat Jake Waters.

Wi-Fi is coming to Bill Snyder Family Stadium for the masses as Boingo Wireless and Aruba Networks are tasked with providing Wi-Fi for the entire stadium. This is just another added perk for those fans to look forward to during this years season.

Kansas State finalized their scheduled yesterday as they added a final exhibition game against Emporia State.