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We might have a leader in the QB race

And it might not be who we originally thought...

You may be looking at Kansas State's starter at quarterback
You may be looking at Kansas State's starter at quarterback
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

BracketCat's countdown is holding at #21 redshirt wide receiver Kalin Heath.

Preseason conditioning continues apace with Jon Morse writing about the top five running backs in Kansas State history and previewing the Centennial and American Southwest conferences.

Kansas State had an open practice this weekend, and it looks like Jesse Ertz has the inside edge in the quarterback competition. This may not mean much as it was only a single practice, but Ertz appeared to be sharper on the deep routes than his fellow contenders. Interestingly, Alex Delton and Joe Hubener both outplayed junior college transfer Jonathan Banks. Other standouts from this practice session included redshirt freshman Dominique Heath at wide receiver and linebacker Colborn Couchman, recently elevated to scholarship status (Kellis Robinett, Kansas City Star).

The running back race in Manhattan does not have quite as much ink dedicated to it, but could also prove interesting, especially if the Kansas State offense in 2015 is as vanilla as some expect. Charles Jones is back from injury and ready to take over the reins, although he's facing stiff competition from Justin Silmon and Dalvin Warmack (Ken Corbitt, Topeka Capital-Journal).

Finally, to wrap up the weekend, we take a look at fans trolling their rivals. The two best examples this week were ex-Baylor linebacker Eddie Lackey leaving a $61.58 tip for the TCU alum waiting his table, and Auburn's athletic department website where the 404 Not Found page now reads "Hold on one second," a reference to the infamous Kick Six game from 2013 (Greg Ostendorf, ESPN).

Bring on the Cats would like to wish our own Curtis Kitchen a happy, if slightly belated, birthday.