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QB Battle: Much Ado About Nothing?

This isn't Bill Snyder's first rodeo.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

20 days to kickoff! We celebrate this momentous occasion with BracketCat and #21 defensive back Kendall Adams.

With the season so near at hand, Jon Morse brings you some much-needed preseason conditioning with the top five wide receivers in school history and a break down of the CCFC and ECIW leagues.

Speaking of top wide receivers, Tyler Lockett made like Tyler Lockett in the Seahawks first preseason game against the Denver Broncos yesterday. KSUEMAW! has the scoop, but this is so great, it bears multiple repeat mentions:

You know that quarterback battle that we've all heard so much about? What if it's not that big a deal? Our own Derek Smith, writing for the Junction City Daily Union, suggests the quarterback battle is not that important. Rather, we should worry more about the fact that no key playmaker on offense has emerged yet.

Kansas State's new Vanier Football Complex is giving the program some much-needed recruiting buzz (Kellis Robinett, Kansas City Star). A second phase of renovation, for which the school is actively raising $15 million, will include enhancements to the video board and a permanent visitors' locker room.

Kansas State is going to finish 7-5 this season, at least according to Stewart Mandel of FOXSports, who also tabs TCU to take the Big 12 this year.

When you have little to look forward to on the football field, you try to find what little spark you can. Our cousins at Rock Chalk Talk take this approach and give Kansas credit for keeping TCU out of the playoffs last year, by virtue of playing the Horned Frogs unexpectedly close.

In his weekly mailbag, Jake Trotter declines to name Kansas State a sleeper, but hey, at least he likes Coco Bolo.

Happy weekend, all!