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An 11-1 Kansas State would miss the Playoffs

Kansas State would miss the playoffs with just one loss, Jordy Nelson's off-season workout is on the farm, and a preview of the 2015 season.

Even if K-State were the Big 12 Champs, at 11-1 they would miss the playoffs. And that's a problem.
Even if K-State were the Big 12 Champs, at 11-1 they would miss the playoffs. And that's a problem.
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24 days until kickoff. Which means of course, that BracketCat previewed number 25 yesterday, Dalton Schoen.

Jon continued conditioning us for the upcoming season, this time reviewing the top 5 defensive linemen.

We all love Jordy Nelson, and know his story about growing up in Riley, KS and then walking on at Kansas State before being drafted by the Green Bay Packers. Now, in an ESPN the Magazine article, Nelson opens up about growing up on the farm, how it serves as his off-season work out, and how much he identifies as a small town farm boy.

In other former Wildcat news, Tyler Lockett continues to impress at Seahawk camp, and while it may be tough to garner playing time in such a crowded wide receiving unit, Lockett knows his hard work and preparation will put him in a position to succeed.

Just like the old South Park episode, the Big 12 doesn't quite have the whole plan together. It seems stuck somewhere between 1. Play Big 12 football, 2. ?????, 3. Profit! Well fear not Big 12 fans, Jake Trotter of ESPN has your self help guide, which helps fill that pesky gap between playing football and making profit.

There is a decent sized position battle happening at Kansas State. It involves four players competing for one of the most important positions on the field. And it's not the first time it's happened under Snyder 2. Collin "Optimus" Klein himself, was involved in a four-man quarterback competition back in 2009, and with this years competition Klein's path to starting may provide a road map for how this year's competition to follow.

Nate Jones, of KCTV 5 in Kansas City, asks they most hypothetical question of all, If Kansas State went 11-1 would they be blackballed from the college football playoff? BTW, in case you were wondering the answer would be yes, and that's a problem.

EDSBS, provides us with the worst case scenarios in the Big 12. My favorite Texas Tech, who's basically living their worst case scenario this season.

Bruce Feldman gave us his Top 25 "Freaks" in college football, and of course a Wildcat walk-on makes the list. Checking in at number 24, Will Geary can clean 392 pounds, bench 425, and squat 640 pounds!

Checking in on former Kansas State players, Judah Jones has impressed at the first day of practice for his new team Stephen F. Austin.

Finally, rounding out your football heavy slate, brings you their 2015 season preview of Kansas State.