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K-State Slate: 7.9.15 - ...Basketball Walk-Ons, Anyone?

Oh, and breakfast.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Jason Lierz gets all-star treatment by Bracket in the 59th day until kickoff.

Well, let's see...Bill Connelly previewed OU yesterday.

And just because there is literally nothing else, why not read up on the somewhat questionable 2015 breakfast watch list? I mean, we all know a bagel and cream cheese is dual-threat in its ability to be eaten on the run and thrown at people and birds alike, but waffles are hands down the greatest breakfast food ever created. Followed by poached eggs. Possibly at the same time. With hot sauce.

And for your most "exciting" news of the day, the b-ballers acquired three walk-ons, bringing the new player total to a multiple of two and five (=10). A nice, clean, even number for all you OCD inflicted people out there.