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Boost Recruiting: Open a Whataburger

Arkansas may have found the cure-all to recruiting woes.

Fast food, fast cars; what will they do next?
Fast food, fast cars; what will they do next?
Todd Warshaw/Getty Images

Jon Morse is getting you ready for football of all divisions by telling us how it is (or how it should be) with fake schools and their football "programs". Bracket brings us a new day and player profile.

More "Sean Snyder, football head coach" fodder, this time from the collegian. Timothy Everson poses the very valid question of what exactly does "Sean is running the program" mean?

There is no better way to determine how well a team is going to do in the fall than from listening to a bunch of insincere coach-speak at media days, and the ESPN blog tell us which teams they feel better about after the parading has been completed. A team of purple is on that list.

Does your school struggle to snag recruits out of Texas? Arkansas may have found a solution to that problem: open a Whataburger in town. Nevermind it costs $1.2 million to open a new franchise, the joy on a middle linebacker's face as they bite into a sweet and spicy bacon burger is priceless.

With all this football talk lately, Blair Kerkhoff doesn't want you to forget about the CBE Classic in which we will face off against the Missouri Tigers in the semifinals (hooray!) of the four team tournament. The predominately feline lineup also consists of North Carolina and Northwestern.