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Sean Snyder, your next Kansas State football head coach?

Bill Snyder again declares his preference for Sean Snyder to succeed him, and we look at the top 15 players in the Big 12.

When Bill Snyder does retire, who should be his successor?
When Bill Snyder does retire, who should be his successor?
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Remember 59 days ago when Bracket started his countdown at number 99 and football still seemed forever away? Well, we're down to number 40 and football is right around the corner.

Tyler Lockett was announced as the Men's Big 12 Athlete of the Year, while Lauren Chamberlain won for the ladies. Your benevolent despot, Jon Morse has the story.

Trevone Boykin is clearly the Big 12's best player, writes David Ubben of Fox Sports Southwest, as he gives us his top 15 players in the Big 12. One Kansas State player made the list, and kuddos to you if you can guess who it is without looking at his list.

We all joke that Bill Snyder is a wizard, but unlike Gandalf, Bill isn't immortal and at some point he will retire. When that time comes Kansas State will need another coach and it's no secret Bill Snyder would prefer for Sean Snyder to succeed him. Jake Trotter at, says it's not necessary for Kansas State to hire Sean, but they do need to make sure Bill has give his seal of approval to his successor. My preferance for Bill's successor is Brent Venables. What's yours?

ESPN's recruiting updated shows Kansas State with six total recruits, the most recent, OG Zach Shacklford from Belton, TX is expected to enroll early.