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Kansas State: The Only School That Didn't Try to Leave the Big 12?

Amazing, isn't it, how wonderful our friends are?

Are they THAT scared of this guy?
Are they THAT scared of this guy?
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Big 12 brethren,

There's really only one story today that people will be talking about here. We don't know whether it's really accurate or not, but obviously that's not going to stop the discussion from happening. There's certainly no lack of self-serving motivation for the article, so we're taking it with a grain of salt.

Be that as it may... it's probably accurate. If it is accurate, it means that in one way or another every single member of this conference was actively trying to jump ship back in 2010.

With one exception. An exception you all pointedly left out of your plans.

Don't think it hasn't been noticed. There's only one team actually loyal to the rest of you in this god-forsaken excuse for a league. One. And you repay it, allegedly, with backstabbing. Maybe the report's inaccurate. If so, then you need to deny it in the strongest of terms, and while you're at it throw in some bon mots regarding Kansas State's importance to the league.

If it is, then what you instead need to be doing is apologizing.

Neither are going to happen, of course, which means it would be perfectly reasonable for K-State to make it perfectly clear that when the current contracts run out, the school will happily move on to a real conference whose members actually stick together for better or worse. There's one big selling point we can offer you, Other Conferences: unlike the rest of the pinheads in this league, we actually care about our partners -- most of whom, it's worth reminding everyone, actually bring in less money to the league than K-State does.

Having said all that, there's another concern here which we need to address. If the report is true, then I think it's fair to ask K-State's leadership one very pointed question: what the hell were you doing during all of this? It's great that K-State stayed above the fray publicly during the realignment fiasco, but wondering what exactly Kansas State was doing behind the scenes in the midst of every other team in the conference actively trying to leave... well, that's really a reasonable question to ask now. How about it, Dr. Schulz?

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