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K-State Slate: 7.25.15 - Saturday Football Briefs

Brevity is the soul of wit and all that.

Um. Morgan Burns can be in all the pictures from now on.
Um. Morgan Burns can be in all the pictures from now on.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

BracketCat keeps things rolling with the latest in the 2015 football roster countdown: #43 long snapper Drew Scott, not to be confused with the inimitable #43 pictured in the article.

Defensive back Morgan Burns is working hard to boost the defense, while also trying to make up for Tyler Lockett in the return game. He will have some help in the secondary from Dante Barnett, who is up to his neck in preseason accolades and Danzel McDaniel, who hits harder than practically anyone else in the conference. But Burns main goal is to put his inconsistent play from last season behind him (Kellis Robinett, Kansas City Star).

Defensive end and current Wildcat C.J. Reese almost became a former Wildcat. Seven days after being granted a release by Kansas State, he has decided to stay. A long discussion with the coaching staff and a visit from his mother appears to have sealed the deal (Ben Baby, San Antonio Express-News).

Speaking of former Wildcats, another chapter has come to an end in the long and strange professional career of Josh Freeman. He was released by the Miami Dolphins yesterday after failing to make much of an impression (Associated Press, via FOXSports).

In a case of fact is even stranger than fiction, did you know that Texas, the college world's wealthiest athletic department, makes coaches pay for meals they consume in the dining halls? This is on top of severe restrictions on when the coaches can consume those meals in the first place. According to the mothership's Matt Brown, Texas will save some $300K with this effort, but that's a small drop in the ocean for a school that took in $161M in total revenue in 2014. It has also led to the resignation of at least one coach, Danielle McNamara, who coaches women's tennis at Texas.