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K-State Slate: 7.22.15 - Media Days For Days

Media day coverage from most angles.

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Showbiz Snyder.
Showbiz Snyder.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, our Benevolent Despot tore through the media days with a fury, writing five articles in about two hours. Here's his recaps from Art Briles, Bob Stoops, Paul Rhoads, Mike Gundy, and Charlie Strong. Luke Thompson tells us what Bill Snyder actually means through all that coach-speak, and Bracket keeps trucking along in his profile of Dalton Convere, long snapper of the century.

As we all are perfectly aware, Bill Snyder is in favor of expanding the conference to 12 teams. He's been asked the question more times than days he's lived on this earth and there are almost as many articles on the matter. Here's's way of informing the world of this information.

Finally a stance on the expansion issue that I can agree on: just play football. The only thing that really matters in the end (theoretically, I guess) is the product on the field. The lack of a conference game doesn't make any team in the league any better or worse for it, so stop worrying about one extra game for the hype machine and play the darn games.

How well do Stan and Stanton Weber know each other? The CatZone of the Topeka-Capital Journal seeks to find out. I doubt you will ever have to know any of the answers to these questions during trivia night, but it can't hurt to know them anyway.

As addressed in yesterday's slate, the POP pass is still in effect, but perhaps refs will be paying closer attention to it this year. I hope I'm wrong, but I see a critical play this fall being called back due to a poor interpretation of this rule.

Seeking to burst through the ice-encapsulated mystery of Iowa State's offense, Barry Tramel asks Paul Rhoads about how cold weather affects the 'Clones in the northern reaches of Big 12 country.