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K-State Slate: 7.2.15 - Money, Money, Money

With not much other news in the pipeline, let's talk budgets.

This picture is no less creepy for being used a second time.
This picture is no less creepy for being used a second time.
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

BracketCat's roster countdown rolls along, this time with #66, walk-on offensive lineman Parker Whitney.

Kansas State announced its 2016 athletics budget yesterday (Manhattan Mercury), via the usual letter to fans from athletic director John Currie. The athletic department derives no revenue from the state or the university. The largest revenue sources in the mix are $31.87 million from annual ticket sales and a projected $29 million payout from the Big 12. Football alone accounts for about $11 million in revenue.

The budget shows an increase of $4.4 million from last year, attributable in part to increased expenses for athlete nutrition (as mandated by the NCAA) and an increase in operating costs and scholarship costs as a result of full cost-of-attendance scholarships.

Speaking of the athletic department, the website has a snazzy new design. The new look helps reveal some content that was previously hidden in various sidebars, including a lot of content from KState.HD. Some content will be available without a subscription for a limited time.

This week's Sports Extra features the Student-Athlete Development Program, a chance to increase community involvement among student-athletes while also providing leadership opportunities and professional skills.