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K-State Slate: 7.17.15 - Good works and hopeful expectations

Thank goodness it's Friday and all that...

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

First things first. We're only 50 days from kickoff! To celebrate, here's BracketCat with #51 redshirt linebacker Chase Johnston.

The latest installment of our 2015 early opponent preview has PervisPascosTravellingCircus taking a closer look at TCU.

Senior wide receiver Stanton Weber is one of 197 nominees for the 2015 AllState AFCA Good Works team, which recognizes players who demonstrate superior commitment to volunteerism and community service. Previous Wildcats nominated include Tyler Lockett in 2013 and 2014 and Collin Klein who made the final team in 2012. Weber, a special teams standout and a two-time first team Academic All-Big 12 honoree, will be among the players attending Big 12 Media Days next week along with Bill Snyder.

Meanwhile, Jake Waters, who now runs a football camp with Curry Sexton, is still hopeful he'll find a spot on an NFL roster eventually.

In news that should surprise exactly nobody, TCU has been picked to win the Big 12 in the first Big 12 media preseason poll. Kansas State is expected to finish 7th (DISRESPECT!) with Iowa State and Kansas bringing up the rear.

Max Olson probably doesn't hate Kansas State as much as Brandon Chatmon. I mean, at least he has Kansas State beating Kansas in Week 13 of predicting the 2015 season. But it's a narrow victory and the Wildcats will still be one game short of six wins.

Since it's Friday and we're still (perhaps mercifully) in a slow spot in the news cycle, I'm going to make like reddit and let you #AskMeAnything. Seriously. Anything. But I offer the caveat that any questions I cannot answer will be passed on to our Benevolent Despot for further execution. Forewarned is forearmed, etc.