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K-State Slate: 7.13.15 - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There is absolutely nothing new and interesting today, at least not in Manhattan.

She's just as much at a loss as we are.
She's just as much at a loss as we are.
Harry Engels/Getty Images

We will often have days in the summer where there's just nothing going on, or so it seems. But even then, there's usually some little snippet of news out there we can provide for your entertainment and edification.

Not so today. There is, quite literally, nothing of note in the news related to Kansas State University. Zero, zip, zilch, nada. It's like... well, it's like this really cool web page which depicts the entire solar system, at scale, with the moon at a size of one pixel.

The only exception was right here at Bring on the Cats, where yesterday your favorite feline checked in with #55 in his countdown, offensive lineman Cody Whitehair.

So what is there to talk about?

Today will kick off SEC Media Days, which doesn't mean a great deal to us in a direct sense but is always good for lots of laughs, drama, angst, and outright lunacy. For those of you so inclined, the SEC Network is your destination; first thing today (at 11:30 am) you can get your first official glimpse of new SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey, followed by the media sessions for Auburn, Florida, and Vanderbilt. Tuesday it's South Carolina, Chocopockets, CLANGA, and Tennessee; Wednesday is Alabama, Kentucky, Mizzou, and the Hawgs. The circus closes out on Thursday with Georgia, Ole Miss, and the Les Miles Vaudeville Burlesque and Revue.

Tonight, it's Home Run Derby time. They've completely broken it, and it means enduring Chris Berman's incessant failure to comprehend the direction of the ballpark's alignment. If Berman is up to his usual nonsense this year, he will claim balls are being hit to cities which a fair ball cannot even be hit toward.

Indeed, with the game in Cincinnati, the closest city anyone will even recognize which lies between the extended foul lines is Huntington, West Virginia. Dayton, Louisville, Lexington, Columbus, Indianapolis... they're all in foul territory. Good luck with that tonight, Swami.

The Pan-American Games are rolling along in Toronto. So far, no K-State athletes have had much to do with them, as baseball, equestrian, rowing, and tennis are the only sports which have begun in which K-State competes and no K-State athletes are representing their country in those sports. This will, in fact, be the case until next Tuesday, when some Wildcat tracksters will finally start showing up.

The 2015 Summer Universiade, which you probably know better as the World University Games, basically comes to an end today. (A final water polo medal will be won tomorrow.) As wildcat00 reported to you last week, Akeyla Mitchell took silver in the 200m, and was part of the bronze-medal winning US team in the 4x400 relay; she was the only Wildcat participating in the entire festival, which for pretty much all of K-State's foreign athletes takes a backseat to the Pan-Ams.

Finally, tonight the US men's national soccer team takes on Panama in what is for the USA a completely pointless closing group stage match. The Americans have already won the group. However, it's critically important for Panama, who are currently in second place in Group A. Panama would require the other Group A match -- Haiti vs Honduras -- to end in a draw in the event they lose tonight, as a loss would put them in very poor position to advance to the quarterfinals via the two third-place positions.

Enjoy your Monday, minions.