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K-State Slate: 7.12.15 - Summer Sunday

The slowest of all news days so far...

Alvin Chung/Getty Images

Only 55 days to kickoff now! BracketCat brings us up to speed with #56 offensive lineman Terrale Johnson.

We are literally scraping the bottom of the barrel for news this weekend, and there's almost nothing Kansas State-specific out there. So here, have a grab bag of random football stories instead.

In his weekly mailbag, ESPN's Jake Trotter answers that most important Big 12 question: who is the best Air Raid quarterback of all time. Hint: it's probably not who you think.

For those of you morbidly interesting in the fiasco at Florida State, Jason Kirk has more details on the sordid tale of Dalvin Cook.

Ken Stabler, former quarterback of the Oakland Raiders and the New Orleans Saints, died last week of complications from colon cancer. Stabler played for Bear Bryant and was responsible for one of the most iconic moments in Alabama football history. Roll Bama Roll remembers Stabler and a life lived at full throttle.

The first reviews for Harper Lee's "Go Set a Watchman" are out. Atticus Finch, the stand-up gentleman who inspired entire generations of lawyers, turns out rather different in this sequel narrated by the now-adult Scout. The book raises a lot of questions for readers, including whether we are ready to see our heroes as anything but unvarnished good guys, and whether an adult is a better, more reliable narrator than a six-year old child. Basically, we are all Boo Radley and we may be be forced cruelly into the light by this book.