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K-State Slate: 7.1.15 - Bill Snyder Don't Care What You Think

Bill Snyder adamantly holds his stance on some topics, and the Cardinal's 18th round pick is playing for the Cats instead.

Haters gonna hate.
Haters gonna hate.
Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was national Reid Najvar day, or day #67 in Bracket's countdown.

Bill Snyder knows what Bill Snyder wants, and Bill Snyder still wants a conference championship game despite what all the haters say. Haters also hate on his scheduling practices, in which he says he doesn't give a care (Chris Bumbaca from the KC Star).

The Cats managed to talk a player down from the St. Louis ledge yesterday. Catcher Josh Rolette of Shawnee, Oklahoma opted not to accept the Carinal's 18th round offer and will be headed to Manhattan instead. Richard Stroud of the Shawnee News-Star reports..

Head coach Mike Dibbini has a sit down with Timothy Everson of the Collegian and talks some women's soccer and the current state of the program.