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K-State Slate: 6.8.15 - So Slow We're Making Stuff Up

Well, making up stuff to talk about anyway. It's all true, though.

What's our old pal up to this summer?
What's our old pal up to this summer?
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

It's a horribly quiet news day, although it's possible that any news that actually interests us got drowned out in the midst of yesterday's funtimes in Topeka. The less said about that, the better, but at least state employees aren't getting furloughed now.

So in the absence of any more than a couple of news items, some bullet points. Those are always fun.

  • Can we all just agree that Salvador Perez is a treasure, and as such the Royals should renegotiate his contract even though they don't have to?
  • The Stanley Cup is tied at a game apiece. I don't care about either team, which made game two completely awesome.
  • Why? Because every goal that was scored either tied the game or broke a tie.
  • If you're not invested in either team, the angst generated by fans on social media when their team gives up the game-tying or go-ahead goal is delicious.
  • Five-eighths of the College World Series field is set. Virginia, Arkansas, Florida, Miami, and LSU are on their way to Omaha.
  • Today, we find out whether it's Illinois or Vanderbilt, Louisville or Cal State-Fullerton, and our purple brothers from Fort Worth or the ridiculous Chocopockets.
  • 7pm CT tonight, ESPN. #ToadToOmaha, people.
  • Anyone watching Wayward Pines? I had the plot spoiled for me, which takes some of the shine off it.
  • But in a strange turn of events, with the exception of the dumb kid the acting has been exemplary. Justin Kirk, best known for his role in Weeds, absolutely killed it with a guest spot this week.
  • Shameless self-promotion: over on my wiki, I finished the history of the Missouri Valley Conference. Well, both of them, actually.
  • I'm really proud of gathering together almost all of the football history of the old Missouri Valley, since not only is it not readily available but so many of the schools involved no longer have football.
  • And that means they don't have football media guides anymore, either. (And the ones that do... well, they have mistakes. Louisville doesn't even claim half their first-team all-conference players from the Valley era for some reason.)
  • Check it out if you're bored. End self-promotion.
  • And now, on with the usual proceedings...

Your fabulous feline friend checked in with number 90 in his annual countdown, freshman Josh Little.

Justin Rogers at (the web outlet for pretty much every relevant newspaper in Michigan other than the Detroit Free Press) has a feature on our old friend Cornelius Lucas, who's now projected to start for the Lions. Seems Lucas was still suffering from that stress fracture through the summer and into training camp last year, and he still did a pretty good job as a backup.

The Stillwater News-Press reports on something that you probably thought was sort of like the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny: a Stillwater High graduate moving into his new digs in Manhattan. Jason Elmquist reports on incoming freshman 3B/OF Brooks Zimmerman, who jacked 11 bombs last year and drove in 60 runs.