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K-State Slate: 6.30.15-Slow News Tuesday.

A morsel of recruiting and a retirement are all you'll get on this slow news Tuesday.

The man who ended Pullen's career announced his retirement.
The man who ended Pullen's career announced his retirement.
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Can you believe we are just over two months away from football season? It's coming up faster than you realize, and Bracket continues his red carpet treatment with number 68 in the roster countdown.

Jon wasn't using hyperbole when he said we are in the dog days, as evidence by our lack of news today. Here is what little we have to feed our K-State sports hunger.

First up, Brandon Chatmon takes a look at the Big 12 recruiting scoreboard. Kansas State lags behind everybody except Iowa State having only secured three commitments up to this point.

Today is a day for celebration! Rejoice for the reign of Bo Ryan is almost at an end. We only have to live through one more season of basketball soul-crushing, slow, plodding play. Maybe the change in the shot clock time forced Bo out? That's the question of the day for you commentators.