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K-State Slate: 6.28.15 - Slow news weekend - Part 2

The Sunday Slate, now with 95% less content.

Could Texas Tech be a roadblock for the Wildcats?
Could Texas Tech be a roadblock for the Wildcats?
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's less than 70 days to kickoff now! To celebrate, we turn to BracketCat's roster countdown and find out more about #70, offensive lineman Will Ash, who will probably be a backup to Boston Stiverson this season.

With no real news to feed the cycle, all we have are vague predictions for the season. We've already reported on various best- and worst-case projections for Kansas State in 2015. But here's a 9-3 prediction that also calls out a few trap games, includijng the November 14 game against an improved Texas Tech squad (Leigh Olesczak, KC Kingdom).

Speaking of Texas Tech, Seth Jungman of, formerly of Viva the Matadors and longtime friend of BotC, chats with Grant Thome at EMAWdio (aka GTCat of our commentariat) and gives us the inside scoop in this 2015 Red Raider Preview podcast.

Kansas State's longtime relationship with Pepsi will continue with a new multi-year contract in place. Of particular relevance, Pepsi will continue to supply the football team with Gatorade as part of the new Gatorade Fuel Bar in the new Vanier Football Complex.

This year's harvest in Kansas is expected to produce over 300 million bushels of wheat. This is the result of months of toil and labor for several families, and this piece profiles three such families that have wheat in their blood (Amy Bickel, Kansas Agland).