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K-State Slate: 6.27.15 - Slow news weekend - Part 1

A smattering of mostly football news to start your weekend.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The countdown is like time in that it stops for no man. BracketCat brings us #71, offensive lineman Dalton Risner. If he can hold off the competition, Risner will step into the large shoes of one B.J. Finney.

As reported in yesterday's Slate, Denzel Goolsby received the Barry Sanders Athlete of the Year award on Thursday in Wichita (Paul Suellentrop, Wichita Eagle). Goolsby had just lost his father to an aneurysm. Accepting the award, he gave a profound and touching speech in his father's honor. A description does not do it justice, so watch Goolsby's speech instead (FOXSports).

Meanwhile, for the latest edition of Football Friday, Kelly McHugh caught up with Randall Evans, who seems to be adjusting to the NFL pretty well.

Finally, Ian Boyd is back with a new Football Study Hall and this piece on the advent of the smashmouth spread.

Foodies rejoice! According to The Daily Meal, Manhattan is an unexpected but delightful food town. I can't comment on the restaurants listed since many did not exist back in the Dark Ages, but the Call Hall Dairy Bar gets a special mention, so I'm happy.