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K-State Slate: 06.23.15-Football dominates today's smorgasbord.

Today's Slate de jour is dominated by football news, with just a pinch of basketball news to give it some...uh...."spice".

Even Ian Patterson is questions the new basketball shot clock.
Even Ian Patterson is questions the new basketball shot clock.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It was a busy Monday here at Bring on the Cats, and bracket got us started with a pair of 75's, Jordan Willis and A.J. Allen. in his continuing roster countdown.

Remember all those Georgia recruits from last years class? Well Andre Coleman once again tapped into his Georgia pipeline, securing the commitment of DJ Render.

Lastly, but most importantly, Luke Thompson and Bracket sat down with Brian Smoller of Kansas State to discuss the Vanier project, women's soccer, women's basketball and whether or not the football team can surprise some teams. This is well worth a listen. You can check it out here or on iTunes.

The rest of the interwebs was much slower in terms of actual Kansas State news. Let's start in the Lone Star State, with the Dallas Morning News' Week 10 College Football Predictions where-in they preview the Baylor-Kansas State game. has a full list of the preseason honors the Wildcats have garnered.

We close our the football portion of our slate today, with Kellis Robinett's story on DJ Render's commitment.

Guerin Emig of the Tulsa World examines the shorter shot clock and how it will impact scoring in the Big 12. Hopefully, for Kansas State's sake we can find a way to score more than 40 points.