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K-State Slate: 6.20.15 - Weekend Update #1

It's a weekend of slow news.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

BracketCat's football roster countdown continues a pace. Today, to mark less than 78 days to kickoff, he gives you the lowdown on #78, offensive lineman Bryce Fitzner, who may be the heir apparent to Cody Whitehair at left tackle.

We've all heard the scheduling debate before, but this is probably the first time a Kansas State official has commented on it. John Currie thinks our future schedules should present more of a challenge (Kellis Robinett, Kansas City Star). While I tend to agree with him, I wonder if this is the first sign of the end for Bill Snyder (or maybe for Currie). I can't imagine Snyder will want to work with a man whose views on scheduling do not necessarily mesh with his own.

This was linked in the comments section recently, and is a must-see feature for all the purple faithful: A Look Inside the New Vanier Football Complex (K-State Athletics).