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K-State Slate: 6.15.15 - The Battle of US 60

Quietly, K-State and Oklahoma State are fighting over each other's homegrown talent.

Could recruiting battles signal a heating of what should be a solid rivalry?
Could recruiting battles signal a heating of what should be a solid rivalry?
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The dark days are upon us, as we enter the dismal deadlands of summer. This weekend, as wildcat00 detailed in yesterday's Slate, K-State ended their 2014-15 athletic year with a wholly-respectable ninth-place finish on the women's side of the NCAA outdoor track & field championships. That, by the way, tied Texas for the Big 12's best finish in the national meet. It was the capstone to a great season, although in some respects a disappointment. But if there's one thing we learned, it's that the USATF rankings are obviously pretty accurate, as K-State entered the championships ranked 10th and finished tied for ninth.

But now, we enter the vacuum. There's nothing to report on until the Wildcats open the football season against South Dakota on September 5. WHATEVER WILL WE DO?

Well, there's your daily countdown, for starters. Starting this week, we'll also begin a weekly preview of the upcoming schedule, because wouldn't you know it, there's 11 weeks to go. (For those looking ahead already, we'll be pushing the early West Virginia preview to our first bye week to help get through that week of struggle.) We'll also start breaking down the Cats themselves in a few weeks with position group previews.

And mayne some other stuff, too. If we find the time.

It's time for pre-season conditioning, BotCers. That means you, too. Time to get those commenting fingers working again. We've missed you.

BracketCat hit day 83 with a quick note on incoming JUCO WR Bryce Harvey.

K-State and Oklahoma State have been engaged in some serious poaching of late, snatching up talent from the wrong side of US 60. (No, not US 166. That's defeatist talk, soldier.) You'll remember that K-State stole OKC product Carlbe Ervin, and even lifted a baseball signing straight out of Stillwater High. Now Rick Peterson at the Capital-Journal reports that the Cowboys have fired back, luring 6'6" 305 lb. Topeka High lineman Teven Jenkins out from under Bill Snyder's shield.

Not to be outdone, K-State turned around and tapped the valve on their Tulsa Booker T. Washington pipeline with an offer to standout corner Kyle Mayberry.

Randall Evans appears to be doing well in Philadelphia, but the competition among the Eagles' crop of freshly-signed DBs is fierce, writes Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News.

Matt Brown at Sports on Earth ranks this year's top 25 offensive linemen. Cody Whitehair checks in at #16.

Yeah, that's all we have today. All football. You know what that means, EMAW.